Blender work

Keyframes and environments

Final keyframe, light rays and blur added in Photoshop
As rendered in Blender Cycles
Modelling, texturing, lighting, everything by me except the generic human mannequins.
Final keyframe with some adjustments and smoke added in Photoshop
3d render (Eevee)
Some tech parts and details taken from purchased kits. I did design / composition, some modelling, shading and lighting. The character is a placeholder mannequin (on the final it was going to be handdrawn by another artist)
Environment rendered in Cycles
Plants and some image textures taken from asset libraries, everything else by me.

Non Photorealistic Rendering, 2d and 3d mixed work

Some experiments using handpainted textures, projections, custom shaders and particle systems, etc.

These were rendered in Cycles because of particle settings that are not available on Eevee but I’m working on adapting to Eevee using Geometry Nodes.

^everything done by me, simple setup to test broken edges on a 2d painting I had made
^this one is based on a painting by fine artist Daniel Hughes. I did the sculpt, texturing and effects.
^everything done by me