Here are some process gifs and images to showcase different approaches I take when painting. I don’t have a set process, I adapt and can do things multiple ways. I’m always trying to find the best workflow for each project.

A couple paintings done the ‘traditional’ way, starting from lineart and basic shapes.

This is a 3d scene I put together to achieve a more realistic result and have more flexibility with camera angles and the like. The image above is straight from the rendering engine and the final painting is below.

On this one started with 3d because I was working from top-down maps and it was the best way to get the scale and location correct. Since it’s an illustration there were so many things on it I didn’t bother with the materials and lighting and instead went straight to Photoshop as it’d be faster.

These are abstract approaches for improvised paintings and times when it’s more about exploring and discovering something new than adhering to a clear objective

This is sort of a mixed approach where I’ve defined the drawing at the beginning but I’m still using textures and mixing it with pieces of past work in an experimental manner